Vital Oxide Refillable Wipes (300 wipes)

Vital Oxide Refillable Wipes (300 wipes)

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*** These do not come filled with the Vital Oxide Disinfectant. A separate purchase of Vital Oxide or similar chemical must be filled in.***

Vital Oxide wipes are 100% recycleable, single use disinfectant wipes for use against COVID19.


  • Step 1: Write down the filling date on the space available on the label
  • Step 2: Insert the wipes inside the bucket and fill the bucket by adding 750ml 1000 ml of Vital Oxide disinfectant 
  • Step 3: Wait 3 minutes for the wipes absorb the solution 
  • Step 4: Pull the center wipe from the roll and thread it through the lid opening



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